SPS 35A 1000V Glass Passivated Single Phase Bridge Rectifier Through Hole KBPC3510

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SPS 35A 1000V Glass Passivated Single Phase Bridge Rectifier Through Hole KBPC3510

The bridge rectifiers KBPC3510 and KBPC3510W, these two models, for customers who are familar with this type of square bridge, should know that KBPC3510 is a square bridge and its pins are flat feet, while KBPC3510W is a square bridge and it is of pin style. Why are there two packages for the same model? This is because customers need to use in different products, and different electronic products have different requirements for the bridge rectifier, so different designs have been made for these two models.

Category: Bridge Rectifier

Package: DIP

Basic parameters

Voltage: 1000V

Current: 35A

Withstand voltage: 1000V

Maximum current: 35A

Power characteristics: high power

Frequency characteristics: intermediate frequency

Package form: in-line type

Working temperature: 0~70 (℃)

Conductivity type: bipolar

Processing signal: digital signal

Static power consumption: 100 (mW)

Characteristic Symbol 

• KBPC35005: 50V 

• KBPC3501: 100V 

• KBPC3502: 200V 

• KBPC3504: 400V 

• KBPC3506: 600V 

• KBPC3508: 800V 

• KBPC3510: 1000V

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