SPS 10A 1000V Glass Passivated Single Phase Bridge Rectifier Through Hole GBU1010

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GBU10005, GBU1001, GBU1002, GBU1004, GBU1006, GBU1008, GBU1010 are used to replace GBU10A, GBU10B, GBU10D, GBU10G, GBU10J, GBU10K, GBU10M

Plastic GBU housing

Ideal for PCBs

Can be soldered

Glass passivated die construction

Low forward voltage drop

High current capability

High surge current capability

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What is meant by bridge rectifier?

Rectifiers are used to convert an AC power to a DC power. ... We can define bridge rectifiers as a type of full-wave rectifier that uses four or more diodes in a bridge circuit configuration to efficiently convert alternating (AC) current to a direct (DC) current.

What happens when a bridge rectifier fails?

Bridge rectifiers are made from 4 diodes. Diodes fail either short or open. If they short you open the device wont work.

What's a bridge rectifier used for?

A Bridge rectifier is an Alternating Current (AC) to Direct Current (DC) converter that rectifies mains AC input to DC output. Bridge Rectifiers are widely used in power supplies that provide necessary DC voltage for the electronic components or devices.

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