SPS 20A 50V-1000V GPP Bridge Rectifiers GBJ20005 GBJ2001 GBJ2002 GBJ2004 GBJ2006 GBJ2008 GBJ2010 GBJ

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SPS 20A 50V-1000V GPP Bridge Rectifiers GBJ20005 GBJ2001 GBJ2002 GBJ2004 GBJ2006 GBJ2008 GBJ2010 GBJ Package

Categories: Discrete Semiconductor Products

Diodes - Bridge Rectifiers

Packaging: Bulk

Part Status: Active

Diode Type: Single Phase

Technology: Standard

Voltage - Peak Reverse (Max): GBJ20005-50V, GBJ2001-100V, GBJ2002-200V, GBJ2004-400V, GBJ2006-600V, GBJ2008-800V, GBJ2010-1000V

Current - Average Rectified (Io): 20A

Voltage - Forward (Vf) (Max) @ If: 1.05V

Current - Reverse Leakage @ Vr: 5µA 

Operating Temperature: -55°C ~ 150°C (TJ)

Mounting Type: Through Hole

Package / Case: 4-SIP, GBJ

PDF Download: http://www.spsbridge.com/datasheet/SPS-GBJ20005-THRU-GBJ2010.pdf 

SPS is a professional semiconductors manufacturer. The following sizes and specifications can be customized. Welcome to inquire and give you a free quote.

GBJ610, GBJ608, GBJ606, GBU410

GBJ810, GBJ808, GBJ806, GBU4M

GBJ1010, GBJ1008, GBJ1006, GBU610

GBJ1510, GBJ1508, GBJ1506, GBU6M

GBJ2010, GBJ2008, GBJ2006, GBU810

GBJ2510, GBJ2508, GBJ2506, GBU8M

GBJ3510, GBJ3508, GBJ3506, GBU1010

GBU408, GBU406, MB10S, MB8S, GBU4K, GBU4J, MB10F, MB8F

GBU608, GBU606, ABS10, ABS8, GBU6K, GBU6J, LB10S, LB8S

GBU808, GBU806, MB10M, MB8M, GBU8K, GBU8J, GBU1510, GBU1508

GBU1008, GBU1006, GBU15M, GBU15K

MB6S, KBJ410, KBJ408, KBJ406

MB6F, KBJ610, KBJ608, KBJ606

ABS6, KBJ810, KBJ808, KBJ806

KBJ1010, KBJ1008, KBJ1006

MB6M, GBJ410, GBJ408, GBJ406

GBU1506, GBJ610, GBJ608, GBJ606

GBU15J, GBJ810, GBJ808, GBJ806

KBU610, KBU608, KBU606, KBL410

RS607, RS606, RS605, RS207

KBU810, KBU808, KBU806, KBL610

GBP210, GBP208, GBP206, GBJ1010

KBU1010, KBU1008, KBU1006, W10M

RS1007, RS1006, RS1005, 2W10M

KBU1510, KBU1508, KBU1506, RB157

KBL408, KBL406, GBL406, GBL410

RS206, RS205, GBL606, GBL610

KBL608, KBL606, KBP206, KBP210

GBJ1008, GBJ1006, KBP204, RS204

W08M, W06M, DB107, DB157S

2W08M, 2W06M, DB107S, DB207

RB156, RB155, DB157, DB207S

GBL408, GBU10K, KBPC310, KBU

GBL608, GBU10J, BR310, KBP

KBP208, BR1010, KBPC610, GBL

GBJ5010, BR610, GBJ5008, KBPC810, GBJ5006, BR810

SPS strongest bridge rectifiers:

1000V: GBU410, GBU610, GBU810, GBU1010, GBJ1010, GBJ2510, GBJ5010, GBPC3510, GBPC5010, KBPC3510, KBPC5010, BR3510, BR5010

600V: GBU406, GBU606, GBU806, GBU0606, GBJ0606, GBJ2506, GBJ5006, GBPC3506, GBPC5006, KBPC3506, KBPC5006, BR3506, BR5006

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